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Buy your complete Xiaomi automation home kit control your entire home from your smartphone in an easy and simple way.

Your home easily interconnected with your Xiaomi automation home kit for your home: efficiency and savings in the same pack your house will be protected and controlled from your smartphone or any other wearable. With your automation home kit for your home you can control all the lights (their intensity, frequency ...) with your Xiaomi Gateway, the door and window accesses with our mini Xiaomi home sensors and the Xioami Honeywell with the that will have the smoke of your house, avoiding fires and keeping your loved ones safe. Do not hesitate, get the complete Xiaomi automation home kit, enjoy the peace of mind that is offered by DomóticaHogar at the best price and turn your home into the safest and most connected smarthome.

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Do you want your home to become a smart home ? The complete home kit that we offer you will allow you to unite efficiency, connectivity and security so that your house is; totally controlled and safe. Do not hesitate, trust in the guarantee that we offer you from Domó and keep the maximum match to the purchase of your Xiaomi automation home kit for your home, you will not regret it.

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