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All orders have a guarantee period as stipulated by the country of origin to which the distributor belongs. The warranty does not cover those defects caused by incorrect use of the product and / or manipulation thereof other than that necessary to establish its nature, characteristics or operation. In those cases the consumer should take charge of its repair. They are, therefore, excluded from the guarantee:

  • Defects and deterioration caused by external events, accidents, mainly electrical accidents, wear and tear and use not in accordance with the instructions of DomóticaHogar.
  • Products modified or repaired by the customer or any other person not authorized by DomóticaHogar, as well as the products that are the subject of a specific support contract.
  • Incorrect software / hardware configuration, by the client, of a computer, component or. Incorrect software / hardware configuration or breakdown in a device caused by a component not supplied by DomóticaHogar and incorporated by the customer.
  • Infection of computer viruses, by the client, in equipment, hard disks or driver diskettes or additional software.

Cancellation of orders

Those cancellations of orders that involve a return to the customer and that are by bank transfer will have a maximum period of 30 days for administrative procedures, although we try that the term does not exceed 7 days.

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